Sea fennel hydrolats for ZoZiLo Soaps

ZoZiLo soaps add the sea fennel hydrosols. The sea fennel was planted by Qing Garden in Taiwan. Sea fennel, from the seedling to harvest, the growth period between 8 to 16 Months.

Qing Garden plant sea fennel organically in Taiwan,and extraction by distillation. All the hydrolats are the pure and simple product from steam distillation.

#Sea fennel hydrolats leaves your skin silky smooth with an amazing scent that casts a net over your senses.

#Cold process soap that rejuvenates skin. 100% Vegan too!

#Infused with powerful SEA FENNEL HYDROLAT ORGANIC

#No animal testing, no petroleum based ingredients

#Handmade using premium ingredients.

#Best Luxury care for your largest organ~SKIN!

ZoZiLo soaps